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Month: August 2005

90% of the time, we ‘get it’

Warning – massive rant

90% of the time, I’m proud to be working for a broadcaster and internet company (well, organisation) that “gets it”. One that understands the ever emerging opportunities that ‘new media’ affords us. But one that also has the foresight to ensure that the overlap where ‘old media’ meets ‘new media’ is as great and far-reaching as possible – creating exceptional propositions that capitalise on our strengths in both areas. The Creative Archive is a fantastic example of this.

However, there are also times where new collides with old. And I do mean “collide” – with both acting as an apposing force to the other. This is the frustrating 10% of the time where out of fear, ignorance, miss-understanding or perhaps the unwarranted need to self-preserve; ‘old media’ chooses not to embrace ‘new media’.

For the past few months I have been flying high in an environment that ‘gets it’ 100% – for so long in fact, that I had almost forgotten that there was a side that still doesn’t.

Then I attended a BBC News away day last Friday that bought me back to Earth with a bump.