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Al Gore tries to remain ‘current’

Al Gore has just launched his US TV news channel aimed at “young people”, Current.

Unlike most other news networks, Current does not have a live news online presence- which I find slightly puzzling.

Current’s website, er, currently, consists of brochure-ware and eye candy with a small blog about the launch of the station.

One can’t help but feel Al’s missed a trick here by not connecting with the ‘da yoof of Emerica’ on the medium most of them are so confident to engage with the most – the internet.

And don’t forget Al Gore reckons he invented the internet, so I’m particularly surprised he hasn’t taken this opportunity to capitalise on it’s popularity with Current’s target audience.

Admittedly, cracking the “yoof market” is pretty difficult and something even the BBC failed to get right. It launched the dreadful BBC Choice 60 Seconds website (no longer maintained) back in 2001, originally with such patronisingly-named sections as “magic lantern” (video clips) and the unbelievable “spank the monkey” (interact/have your say), in the hope of connecting with “young people”.

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  1. they had ‘spank the monkey’.. that’s funny. magic lantern – isn’t that the name of a production company too? perhaps they were behind the choice site? 😮

  2. Tim Tim

    And they launched the site with a Talking Point called “Shite or Alright?”- asking for peoples’ views on 60 seconds.

    I think the site was doomed from that moment on.

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