Software engineer-turned-consultant, Ben Metcalfe (aka dotBen) is the authority leading internet companies turn to advise them on product development, open platform strategy and developer relations.

Described by Robert Scoble as “one of the best devs in the world”, Metcalfe combines his skills and experience in software engineering, product development, social media consultancy and business strategy to offer deep insights across the majority of the internet industry’s key knowledge verticals.

During the late 90’s, and while only in his mid-teens, Ben launched his first start-up – a free email service that attracted over 60,000 registered users. Setting the UK new media scene alight, he was offered the chance to work on the prestigious BBC News Website at just 18 years old. Success continued, launching numerous high-profile websites for the BBC and going on to design, develop and build their award winning developer network “backstage.bbc.co.uk”.

Now 30, and transplanted from his native London, UK to San Francisco, California, Ben is the industry expert companies large and small turn to for advice and expertise in a diverse range of business areas. Highlights include advising MySpace’s executive team on the development and execution of their open platform strategy and consulting with carrier and communications services provider Neustar Inc.

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