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Yahoo! beta ad service for blogs and smaller websites

Yahoo! are beta’ing an ad-words-style programme for blogs and small-websites.

From the Yahoo! search blog:

I’m proud to announce today that Yahoo! has launched a beta network in the U.S. for small- and medium-sized publishers. Currently available through invitation only, as Yahoo! tests and refines the new platform, small- and medium-sized publishers can easily sign up online and access new revenue sources and enhanced Yahoo! content through our new self-serve platform. Our goal is to extend the beta to more publishers by the end of the year.

On first reading their blog post, it wasn’t clear to me what they were launching… They describe it as a “self-service publisher’s network” – I have no idea what that has to do with advertising, but then I don’t work in the commercial side of the industry so what would I know?

Yahoo’s USP over Google appears to be that it’s better tailored for smaller publishers and there is some phone and email customer service. What I want to know is what the CPC and overal projected revenue is compared to Google.

As you can see, I don’t have adverts on my site so I’ll probably be giving it a miss. But if you like to whore your blog for cash then why not keep on eye on this for as I assume it will come out of beta sooner or later.

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