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When it comes to email, why are so many people so dumb?

Another story of a hoax email doing the rounds – this time a phoney RSPB (Royal Society for the Projection of Birds) email claiming people in Scotland should shoot sparrow-hawks (a protected species). Obviously it hasn’t come from the RSPB at all.

In the same week, we’ve had people forwarding an email that says you can dial 112 on your mobile when you’re on the London Underground, and even though there is no signal the call will be routed via a satellite.

There has also been an email circulating that says the ICE (In Case of Emergency) idea is a fake “mobile phone virus”.

Finally there was an email saying that further attacks on London were imminent.

All of these stories are of course false.

Just how stupid are people? They get these emails and immediately forward them despite the fact they make no sense and their validity is so easy to check.

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