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Month: August 2005

Blogging and podcast start-up paradigms

A couple of my friends are in the process of setting up podcast start-ups. In talking to them about their plans, it’s clear to me that there’s a definite set of paradigms between blogging and podcasting.

Moreover, careful analysis of the successes and failures of the early blogging phenomenon can yield valuable insight, I feel, into the way podcasting start-ups should align themselves in the market.

Some might argue that their chances of success have been reduced considerably because they’ve lost first-mover advantage – but you’ve only got to look at the wane of first-movers Technorati and Skype* recently to see that there’s opportunity for younger start-ups to get a piece of the action.

So comparisons between blogging opportunities and future podcasting opportunities… I’m not saying podcasting is exactly the same as blogging, but certainly the business models and opportunities look similar, and as such much can be learned from where the likes of Blogger, SixApart/Typepad, Technorati and the like went wrong and right.

For me, there are three core business opportunities that are common to both blogging and podcasting:

  • Production and delivery
  • Search and discovery
  • End-user consumption