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Looking for a ‘man bag’

I’m currently looking for what I guess one should describe as a “man bag”.

When I’m travelling to and from the office, I keep my mobile office (2 x laptops, papers, PSP, digital camera, usb and power cables for them, MAKE magazine, shades, etc) in my trademark “Bolblbee ‘Darth’ executive hardshell backpack” – Bolblbee’s description, not mine.

However it’s big, full and weighs a ton. What I am looking for is a smaller bag I can take with me when I’m out and about at the weekend or evening, maybe just carrying my Sony Vaio PDA-sized laptop or PSP.

Obviously I don’t want anything girly or camp. I just want a small bag I can put stuff in – should be simple huh?

JKOnTheRun seems to have similar kit to me (same mini-laptop), and has the solution of a Victorinox Mini Rucksack, but it’s not my taste… Dare I say ‘too geeky’? I know I am a geek but I don’t want to look like a geek.

So I’m probably looking for something over the shoulder but not handbaggy (purse, as you Yanks would say). (bloody hell) seem to do something close to what I am looking for – but I’m not sure whether I could face walking around with a bag that actually says “Man Bag” on it.

If you spot anything let me know!

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  1. You might want to consider a Knomo (, they are handmade British leather computer bags with some very clever features and well-designed compartments. I completely fell in love with the Knomo Quetta when I saw it at the Apple Store on Regent Street, although I’m now considering the Wellington, it being a bit more manly.

  2. Ben Ben


    To girly!

  3. Tom Tom

    I’m also looking for a nice man bag. I saw someone carrying exactly what I wanted, but was too tired or drunk to spin him around and ask him where he got it. If I had, I’m sure he would have said: “Istandbul, 1993, one-of-a-kind”, because that’s usually the way it goes when I admire something. Unavailable. I have folks on the look-out for me. The newest lead I got was to Bally’s website. Check ’em out

    Go to “collections” then up to “men” then to “accessories”. Click the first bag and use the arrows at the top to scroll through the accessories collection. There are some nice bags there … but ignore the fanny packs. Please ignore the fanny packs.

  4. I bought this PUP for carrying my PDA, glasses, pens, money, and more. The $20 price was a deal and it holds a lot without being bulky. A slim fanny pack is the only way I can describe it. I originally boutght the Black… now have the Tan and Leather look.

  5. kentaru7 kentaru7

    If you have an eye for quality, simplicity and masculinity; check these out:

    I dont know whether you can get them out of the US- check that out, but these things are like military bags in some foreign stylish special forces, sans the heavy buckles and paratrooper screenprints. The leather has a light broken in feel and the styles are new but not trendy. Almost zero garnish. I have a couple and it’s as though you are wearing some extra pockets or something.

  6. Bagsdirect Bagsdirect

    I would definitely recommend either

    Knomo, Enzorossi or alternatively have a look at some of the Hidesign bags. The BD-HED-11013 Hidesign bag is our best seller.

    (EDITED: removed advertising links and kept useful information)

  7. schtikman schtikman

    I checked out the actiontreadway site and I’d say they are the best bags i have seen sofar that are masculine and stylish. I like the sidearm bag the best though it’s a little expensive.

    It’s a pity so few guys have them else the price would be a lot lower.

  8. ddd ddd

    crumpler is the way forward…

  9. no bag for me man no bag for me man

    Man bag eh !!!
    is this to keep your man make up in. The marketing dudes have really got this one figured. If they can sell lady stuff to men they can double their potential customer base…. A bit of clever advertising and the jobs done

  10. mj mj

    Hi, bought a decent job from one of the leather ones, ideal for emptying those bulging pockets, phone, keys, wallet etc – FREEDOM in the trouser department!

  11. mj mj

    Hi, bought a decent job from one of the leather ones, ideal for emptying those bulging pockets, phone, keys, wallet etc – FREEDOM in the trouser department!

  12. Charles Charles

    I’ve been looking now for a while, but I think I’m going to buy from
    They have quite a few styles and sizes and lots of good reviews. Will let you know what mine’s lke when I get it.

  13. Rik Rik


    Had the same problem .. then I came across
    They’ve got some great man bags and messengers – i bought one of the Uberbag leather messenger bags and my mate also got one – very practical, easy to use, doesn’t call out to muggers letting them know you’re carrying a laptop.

    Hope you find something,


  14. James James

    I have a couple of choices that i use.

    1) Sony VGPEMB03 Rucksack. Hand for trains planes etc

    2) Mulberry messenger bag (not cheap) matches wallet + looks good for the office.

    Good luck in the pursuit of metrosexuality!


  15. If you have seen Adam Sandler in ‘Reign over me’ you will see the large leather man bag / Messenger bag he carries, carries a very similar messenger bag to this. Ideal for work or student in both polished and buff leather

  16. These bags are great – have space for a laptop, phone pockets, key holder, pen pockets AND are really stylish!!! think you can order them directly off the website…..

  17. In all modesty, might I suggest a visit to

    We do offer the best range of leather .bags for men.

    Anyone who can show me better, please contact
    Jocelyn Ollett. 0208 404 6451

  18. Ronald A. Storm Ronald A. Storm

    Hi, several years ago I bought a small “man’s purse” in Australia… It was made by “HIdesign” it had two snap pockets on one side, zippers on the top… a couple of “pockets inside” and a couple of compartments on the other side… I am unable to find anything close on the computer… Please, if you can help it will be greatly appreciated… Thank you, Ron

  19. Emma Emma

    Got my boyfriend a vintage leather messenger bag from Scaramanga. He loves it and wonders how he ever managed without one before. Though he get touchy when I call it a man bag! I’ve got my eye on a leather satchel. I am just hoping he’s taken all the hints!! Ems

  20. mathieu mathieu

    If you’re looking for men’s bag different, get a look in this web site.

  21. Sam Sam

    I just got a leather messenger bag at Scaramanga. The bag is just what I was searching for. It fits my 17″ MacBook Pro no problems which was the intention. There customer service and great and it arrived very quickly. Would definitely recommend the bag to others.

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  23. High quality leather messenger bags for men are really popular these days. The bag you referred to could be seen as a bit “girly” – mostly because it has a vertical profile. Check out some leather messenger bags – that may do the trick for you.

  24. Gareth Gareth

    Maxwell Scott have some great leather ones, I got one from there last year and it’s amazing! The quality is fantastic, they have a vast collection too –

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