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‘This is> dotBen’ and my new homepage both launched

Wow, JUST got these finished before the end of the weekend…

First up: ‘This is> dotBen’, my personal blog, is now live. As previously mentioned :Ben Metcalfe Blog will now be work/industry posts only from now on.

You’ll need to subscribe or head over to This is> dotBen for my personal posts.

I’m pleased to be able to put the old domain name to some use. And the .uk reminds me of home, bless.


The other small announcement is the release of my new homepage which lives at the top of It’s inspired by a great photo Sofia took of me at Big Sur on Christmas Day. I haven’t completely browser checked it yet, as it’s more of an after thought – so please excuse any issues on strange browsers. And let me know if you have problems!

PS: I probably will set up a feed splice of my two blogs for those who want one, but I’m currently tossing up a few issues… as discussed over on the other blog.

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