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Apple iPhone exists!

Despite my earlier agreement with analysts that Jobs would hold off launching an iPhone before obtaining FCC approval, it’s just been announced at the MacWorld Keynote that there will be an Apple iPhone (maybe he did get FCC nod afterall?).

Widescreen iPod, cell phone, Internet tablet. It’s unashamedly going up against the Treo, Blackberry, etc. The big news is that it runs OSX – although it’s not apparent whether this is really ‘native OSX’ or a special version a la Windows Mobile.

Head over the the Engadget live updates or check the IRC channel.

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  1. Are you at Mac World?

  2. Ben Ben


    Well, I popped in yesterday as the conference center is next to my apartment. I’m not attending the whole thing.

    I did get to look at the iPhone. It’s slim and the screen is bright, but the rumors that you can’t install any 3rd party apps on it is disappointing – esp at that price point.

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