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MacWorldExpo: iPhone announcement unlikely

This is the kind of research I like to see from market analysts. Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi put two and two together and concluded:

“Apple has not yet received FCC approval for a phone, and our analysis suggests that phones have typically become available two months after FCC approval.

It is possible that Apple could introduce the product, and set a future availability date, but we think this represents a low probability.”

And as Red Herring nicely put it – “itโ€™s not Mr. Jobs’ style [to announce products before they’re ready]”.

(Having said that, Steve did announce the iTV product whilst it was still conceptual…)

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  1. Buzz – thanks for playing!


    Surely they wouldn’t put in an FCC application if they want to keep the project secret as these applications are publicly available.

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