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Feedster 500

Once again, I’m pleased to say that I didn’t make it into the just-updated Feedster 500.

Yes, I continue to be a proud Z-list blogger, safe in the knowledge that I’ve been beaten hands down by the likes of “The Museum of Hoaxes” (#492) and “Putting the eek in geek” (#497) which includes the wonderful “Really important flash game of the day“.

But fear not, oh gentle reader. Don’t think that this means my digital dispatches are nothing more than the superfluous balderdash of a bad blogger. Oh no, this is merely the much-fabled long tail that you are perusing.

(BTW, if you’re as f**ked off as I was with the 25 blogs-to-a-page pagination on the Feedster 500, try this munged link which brings up the full Feedster 500 in a single page. Although for some reason they actually go up to 543, clearly “Around the Horn” was a worthy inclusion.)

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