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For those who have missed it, combines posts from, Slashdot and Their USP is that they remove the dupes. Well, and that it’s in one place (but isn’t it “in one place” on my newsreader?).

I don’t like it. Being a middleman, there’s the expected lag and delay. A quick check for the top (ie latest) Digg story on returned a link which wasn’t even on the front page of the official front page. Digg had, well, dog-gone moved on!

I think it’s a neat little idea, and I can see why it was built. But obviously there’s little point in subscribing to the RSS feed when you could just subscribe to the three “source feeds” and be done with it. Sure the website is a nice touch, but surely Digg, slashDot and are three prime examples of sites/services which are begging to be used via RSS?

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