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The guys at MySociety have just launched their latest eDemocracy project:

The idea is simple, and kind of fills the natural void between their other three big offerings (WriteToThem, TheyWorkForYou and PledgeBank):

  • It’s the natural next step to WirteYourMP – create a dialogue with your MP.
  • It uses a similar “minimum threshold demonstrates interest” concept as PledgeBank – enough people have to signup in order for them to make contact with the MP.
  • It helps you understand what your MP’s stance is on certain issues (bill tracking in TheyWorkForYou).

Living in Bethnal Green and Bow, I ‘enjoy’ the representation of George Galloway (a man who’s just as much a wanker as George Bush, albeit on the other side of the political spectrum).

I’ll be surprised if he answers any of the questions put to him by HearFromYourMP – he seems to only like answering US senator’s questions on the global stage, rather than the local stage. But we’ll see what happens.

Well done to Tom Steinberg and everyone else at MySociety – another job well done.

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  1. I simply can not locate a place here to order a subscribtion to “Letters in the Mail” for the reward or two and also for myself.
    It sounds like a wonderful idea and several of my buddies might be delighted to receive letters in the mail….

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