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The technology behind sucicide bombs

Someone has posted a gallery of suicide bombs – mainly jackets but there’s also a suitcase in there.

It’s pretty grim, especially as London has been a victim of this kind of attack. But I think it’s quite interesting to see the technology behind these things.

It’s just a shame that tallented indivuduals put their efforts into building items like this that cause such mindless distruction.

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  1. James James

    I wouldn’t say they are talented or there is a great deal of technology accociated with them. Anyone with a brain wouldn’t strap a bomb to themselves anyway.

  2. Martin Martin

    I can’t believe you wrote that.

    Forget “the technology behind these things” because as soon you think that’s even remotely interesting you’ve lost sight of the reason these things are built. Namely to cause the death of innocent people. End of story.

  3. Ben Ben

    Why the use of the word “talented”, because clearly you have to know what you are doing to build one of these things.

    Are the people who build nuclear bombs not talented? (where do do you think the term “you don’t have to be a rocket scientist…” originates from?) They cause just as much, well, probably more destruction than a sucicide bomber.

    In both cases, I think its sad, disappointing and despicable that people put their efforts into building these things (be they suicide bombs or nuclear bombs – I hate both). I wish people put their efforts and skills to positive use.

    I also acknowledge people’s dismay at this post – but please separate this into it’s relevant parts. I am only referring to the technical work that has gone into this, not the use of it.

  4. James James

    I don’t think people who *BUILD* nuclear bombs are hugely talented. In fact I suspect a lot of the process is automated and done by machines.

    I think the people who split the atom and developed the “idea” of nuclear technology are *VERY* talented.

  5. Ben Ben

    Splitting hairs AND atoms… 🙂

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