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Introducing the NAZR

What’s a NAZR I hear you cry…

Well, it’s what you get if you glue a Motorola RAZR mobile phone with a Nano iPod.

Why would you want to do that? Well, you end up with a phone that’s smaller, plays more songs, better looking (and probably cheaper) than the Motorola ROKR iTunes phone.

Someone has even done the math on size:

NANO 3.50 x 1.60 x .27
+ RAZR 3.90 x 2.10 x .50
NAZR 3.90 x 2.10 x .77

ROKR 4.25 x 1.81 x .80

The ROKR, criminally, is going to be limited to playing just 100 songs – regardless of the capacity of on-board memory you stock up (so it doesn’t compete with the iPod Shuffle or Nano). Of course, sticking a Nano on the back of your RAZR will allow you have 1000+ songs.

Sure, literally gluing a RAZR to a Nano is a little ugly, but the point is of course that the two in your pocket is still smaller and more versatile than the ROKR.

I guess the one thing the ROKR will have is exclusivity. Everyone has a RAZR these days and wants and iPod Nano. In comparison, no-one will have a ROKR because it will be pricey, looks like crap and has limited song playing capacity.

Mind you, since when did the appeal of buying high-price/low-function products stop the army of Apple zealots, eh? 🙂

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