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eBay buys Skype

Buy It Now price of US$2.6bn.

I’m still confused as to why eBay want to get into the VoIP game. I guess it might enable them to do “traditional” voice-based auctions too, but surely that’s a niche use of VoIP? Even in corporate auctions (liquidated stock, wholesale food stuffs, etc) people are turning to all-text based auctions because of the clarity, speed and the possibilities to perform auctions remotely.

Alternatively, as someone joked, may be eBay auction closure emails will say:

Congratulations on winning the auction. Click here to buy with PayPal, or click here to Skype your auction seller to discuss the transaction.

If you have any ideas as to what eBay have up their sleeve, or want to make a comment, feel free…

[BBC News]

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