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Google Blog Search launches

Google have released their blog search engine (in Beta of course).

Interestingly, the search result pages have both an Atom and an RSS version available (without the need for a Google developer key).

A few observations:

  • Switching between sorting by relevance and sorting by date didn’t seem to return a different order of results
  • Performing a search with (to find all blogs that link to me) included posts from my own blog. I think most of the other blog search engines are smart enough to remove such superfluous results.
  • Perhaps the most starling of all was that a search for blogs with a link to my site returned just 52 results. A similar search on Feedster returns 211. (yeah, ok, I realise I’m not Mr popular which ever way you look at it)

I’m actually a bit disapointed with this, so far from Google. I realise it’s in beta but we’re so used to Google Beta products, well, being near-complete.

They’ve also had enough time to get this going (with a head start if you factor in that they already have an existing site spidering system to power the backend).

What do others think?

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  1. I think they rushed it out so they could be “first” among the big players.

  2. Ben Ben

    Hmmm, I wonder what the other big players will be coming up with… eh, Jeremy??? :p

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