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Need a North American credit card?

… Get a “virtual Visa card” from ePassporte.

It’s a pretty cool idea, and works like this:

You give them your current credit card details, and they setup a virtual visa card for you. Once created, you can then use the visa number to make purchases which are then charged back to your original credit card.

The best thing is that it’s an American Visa, meaning to can circumvent the retailers who prevent international trade by only letting you pay with a North American-registered card.

There is a price – $5 for every $100, ie 5%. But if it enables you to buy that must-have gadget that’s 50% cheaper in the US or perhaps even not available in the UK at all, then 5% might be worth it.

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  1. Sounds mighty dodgy to me! But I’m just lucky enough to have a wife with an north american credit card – so I cant really talk

  2. Tim Tim

    Sounds like a great idea in the abovementioned circumstance but surely the likes of ebay and paypal mean that the benefit of this may be limited to a few rare scenarios.

  3. This sounds like a scam to me. Why would you give your current credit card deatils to anyone? That’s pretty crazy. I wouldn’t buy it…

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