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How we spend our time online have a great page that shows the average amount of time Internet users spend communicating, searching, shopping and viewing ‘content’ online. This is broken down by month, which is cool.

The current figures (for June 05) are:

  • 41% of time communicating (checking e-mail, instant messages, etc)
  • 37% of time consuming content (news, entertainment sites, etc)
  • 17% of time shopping
  • 4% of time searching

As referenced in an interesting article, ‘Bridging the Google Ad Gap‘. The piece looks at how successful targeted advertising is on search engine results and how that success can be extended beyond the 4% of the time users are actually using a search engine.

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  1. I would be fine if I turned off my Facebook updates and only checked my email. I run into the most trouble when I go onto Facebook…whole hours…gone

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