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London Blasts: Quick follow up

Sofia safely arrived home, which was a relief.

BBC has produced some very good info-graphics on today’s events, and I’ve naughtily taken a copy of one of the maps to mock up where we live and where Sofia works to put it all into perspective.

Map of City of London, indicating blast locations, Sofia's place of work and Ben/Sofia's home

As you can see we’re very close. Our home in Bethnal Green is probably just over a mile away from Liverpool Street station, it’s the next stop on from that station in fact on the Central (red) line.

And Sofia was right in the middle of it, near Bank.

We continue to watch the TV as we take in today’s awful events.

I will be working from home tomorrow, possibly with limited VPN availability to the BBC network. Any work emails normally sent to my BBC address should be CC’d to my personal address: bbc [at]

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