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Lack of updates, busy week

Sorry for the lack of updates to the blog – I’m really really busy with work (plus a heap of non-work stuff too).

Most of my time is being spent getting ready for the official launch of on Saturday 23rd July. We’ve got some new feeds coming on stream, which all need to be agreed by legal and then integrated into the system. There’s also a big announcement which needs work to get organised.

The launch of is going to take place at the Open Tech 2005 conference on the 23rd July. I’m going to be presenting the project to the attendees and formally launch the site at the event. I haven’t even started writing the presentation yet… eeek.

I hope you will be able to join me on the day – don’t forget preregistering is advisable and doesn’t require you to pay up front.

I’ve also got Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! coming to the BBC for the day on Friday 22nd. Lots of preparation for that too: making sure meetings are arranged, that he gets an opportunity to chat to Ashley H and other senior people, plus plenty of time with the development teams.

Finally, two birthdays this week. My Dad’s (18th July) and funnily enough mine (24th July). Both of us are difficult to buy for, but me especially I guess. This weekend saw the obligatory trip to the shops for me to choose something for Sofia to give me. I decided on clothes in the end, as I hate buying clothes and always need new ones.

And I still haven’t booked our near-annual trip to Asia which, is begging to be done whilst there are still good airline prices (£400 London-Shanghai return on Virgin).

Better start cracking on with it…

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