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Blog birthday

It’s my Dad’s birthday today. But it’s also this blog’s birthday too.

It’s just one year old — yes, I havn’t been ‘blogging’ that long really (although I’ve had a website since about 1994 I think).

In it’s first year this blog has moved from B2Evolution to WordPress and turned from being a poor excuse to waste time to being a proper outlet for my views on everything from BBC News’ poor implementation of AV (which I was responsible for) to local-meets-global politics in my ‘ends, Bethnal Green.

I’ve also precursered successful developer network launches and “bigged up” my own along the way.

So thanks for reading and/or subscribing!

PS: Here’s the first post, in case you are interested.

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  1. Haha! My post above currently says:

    “Frankie Roberto Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    So I’m talking to myself now?


  2. Ben Ben

    No, it’s just being clever. 🙂

    From your unique ID cookie, we know that you have submitted a commet for moderation and because the pages are dynamically generated the page can display your comment just to you.

    But no-one else would have seen that until I agreed your comment.

  3. Ah, very clever!

    Although I think that needs to be made clear. I think users generally assume that everyone else can see what they see, and any deviation from this convention should be clearly marked.

    Nice code though. I really need to sort out my comments script. Deleting the comment spam three times a day is killing me…

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