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Month: June 2005

Kano drops his first album (+ welcome to grime)

Being the “professional blog of Ben Metcalfe”, I’m always slightly nervous of pushing my own distorted tastes in music and film (particularly seeing as they often expose my non-work-friendly “from da street” alter-ego and usually require “parental advisory” – this one is no exception).

However one of my favourite MC’s, Kano, has just dropped his first album and it’s totally off the hook sick (Sofia doesn’t want me to write “off the hook” because she says I sound like Maxwell from BB).

Most of you will probably have never even heard Grime before, particuarlly if you’re outside of the UK. So why not take 2 minutes out and check this out, I’ve included plenty of links to give you a real feel for the scene:


Woof Woof

Can anyone tell me where the phrase “eating one’s own dog food” has suddenly appeared from? Dave Winer, Jeremy Zawodny and even Adam Curry in…