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We’re making 7 days worth of BBC TV and radio schedule information available in XML format over on It’s updated daily so if you want to build something with it, you should always have enough data to provide a full weeks worth of listings information for any BBC television channel or radio station.

The data is being made available in TV Anytime XML format.

The feed is ‘experimental’ for the time being, so please make sure you’re script falls over gracefully if the data barfs out! As ever, it’s strictly for non-commercial use only.

I reckon there’s some really cool stuff you could do with this, including:

  • Amazon style TV and radio programme guide
  • Desktop TV alerter (even though Sally’s dad’s already done a good job already)
  • PVR/Media Centre possibilities (TV-Anytime to XMLTV transformation anyone?)
  • Mobile and PDA scheduler
  • (Grant suggests a screensaver that tells you what’s on TV now and what’s coming up tonight – but he’s a washed up luvvy who would do anything to promote the programmes of his actor-chums! Kidding, ouch!)


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