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LeWeb3 fallout: some interesting further (/final?) reading

Two links for you this morning:

Ewan McIntosh has written the first of a number of posts discussing what else happened at LeWeb3 — ie the conference program.

He starts with an overview of two day’s events and says he intends to write up individual talks/panels over the weekend. Highlight should include danah Boyd, Hossain Derakhshan (the Iranian blogger) and the excellent Hans Rosling (if you haven’t seen GapMinder or his wonderful TED presentation, check it out)

Next up is Mike Butcher, the former Editor of TechCrunchUK who has written an open letter to Mike Arrington, which is worth a read.

Mike calls out a number of legitimate points in his letter, including the role of publisher vs editor and also Mike’s assertion that he fired Sam Sethi because Sethi was promoting his own events on a TechCrunchUK post. On the latter point, it’s very clear that the events Sam was promoting were TechCrunchUK and not his own – which is why this aspect of his firing doesn’t really stand up.

I also understand Mike’s wife is currently undergoing some significant hospital treatment during what has now become an even more turbulent time for the Butcher family. My best wishes to you and your wife, Mike.