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Just one more link plz…


A random glimpse at Technorati this morning shows I’m ranked exactly #10,000. Anyone care to give me another link to bring me down into quadrouple figures? Please? 🙂

I still have the same problem as Stowe, with Technorati thinking I have two blogs instead of one: [1], [2].

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  1. You’ve gone up a bit! scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours 😉

  2. Anonymoose Anonymoose

    Sod the fact you’re ranked 10,000, I’d be more worried about the 666 😀

  3. Teg Teg

    How do you do it? I’m struggling to get the links to my blog into double figures! 🙁

    Please tell me your secret!

  4. Koz Koz


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