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Six Apart removes Sam Sethi’s TypePad account?

UPDATE: I just rieceived this from Sam:

“just to let you know my blog is alive at typepad. I am not sure why but the account has also been paid and is upto date?”

It looks like whatever happened was a temporary glitch in the system somewhere.

Following on from the news of Sam Sethi’s departure from TechCrunchUK over comments about Loic Le Meur’s organization of the LeWeb3

I’ve just heard from Sam that his Six Apart TypePad account appears to have been removed – rendering him unable to update his personal blog. Six Apart are of course the organizers of the conference and Loic Le Meur is the Executive Vice President & General Manager Europe of the company.

It has not yet been verified with Six Apart that Sethi’s account has indeed been removed/suspended, but it certainly looks that way. Upon entering his normal username and password the system doesn’t appear to recognize his account.

If this is indeed true, that’s a pretty poor show on Six Apart’s count and raises all sorts of issues about impartiality and independence of their publishing platform.

Watch this space.

UPDATE: The latest I have from Jane Anderson (who look after press @ Six Apart) is:

“Sam Sethi’s blog is up, active and not in any sort of suspended state.”

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  1. You couldn’t make this stuff up

    Previously, on The Blogosphere: at Les Blogs 2 last year, Ben called Mena’s speech ‘bullshit,’ so she called him…

  2. Those stories are taking a [too] large importance …. :/

    I hope for Loic that he didn’t disabled it

  3. James James

    A message to Loic Le Meur – I’m exporting all three years’ worth of posts from my blog this weekend and I’m installing WordPress.

    I’m literally that appalled by Loic’s actions.

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