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Looks like TechCrunchUK is back… TechCrunchUK2.0?

Not sure if this is/was going to be tomorrow’s big TechCrunch announcement, but it looks like TechCrunch is relaunching it’s UK presence tomorrow (Tuesday).

UPDATE: Looks like it *quietly* went live last week…

TechCrunch UK logo

I was alerted to the fact something was going down with TC:UK when I got a Twitter alert that TechCrunchUK had added me as a friend.

A subsequent revisit to the TechCrunchUK RSS feed in my newsreader (yes, I still have it in there from the first time around) shows that some eight posts have been created in the past few days. Posts seem to be attributed to good old new media hack Mike Butcher, who was a contributor to the first incarnation of TechCrunchUK, before the whole thing crashed and burned with Sam Sethi’s firing parting ways just after LeWeb last year.

Finally, I noticed this tweet from Mike about free job ads before Tue. Seals it for me.

TC:UK is currently seeding it’s blog for relaunch. TechCrunch:UK2.0, anyone?

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  1. Hi Ben

    Hope you are well and that Orange is treating you well?

    Two points.

    1. Arrington never fired me, I resigned on a point of principal.

    2. I think the big news will be Techcrunch closes new funding. Arrington was in London not just for his party.

    Although I did not go, people who did told me he was on his phone all the time.

    Of course – shameless plug – you could always read blognation.

  2. Hi Ben, it’s taken me an age to get to this, but thanks for the name-check. I’ll be working not just in TechCrunch UK but also on, the mother lode… And of course, I am now drowning in cash following the news that Tecrunch has secured a bazillion smackeroonies (an official currency, I gather) from the First Capital Bank of Rumour and Speculation. Yet another Blognation scoop for you 😉 (Just pulling your leg Sam, you know I love your work 🙂 I’m sure you’re right, but it has been three weeks now since the party. Maybe they’re still writing the press release or something?

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