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Apple iPod Touch: The Unboxing

Whilst I’m living the life of an Apple fanboy convert – just to see if it’s as good as it’s made out to be – I thought I’d buy myself an iPod Touch to compliment my experiences so far with my MacBook.

Word on the street was that Apple stores just got a limited supply of iPod Touches in stock and were keeping them back. However, even though the website says they ship on the 28th Sep, a wink and a nudge at the store would get me one. Maybe they

Sure enough they did, and very covertly at the counter the Apple Store Lady popped a 16gig’er into an Apple tote bag and slid it across to me – presumably so that others in the line wouldn’t catch on to what was going down. I’m guessing the experience was a bit like buying a porn mag in an otherwise agreeable store, but I wouldn’t know. 🙂

To really keep with the Apple fanboy I mean convert tradition, I thought I’d do an unboxing.

All of the photos are in a set on my Flickr, and are all licensed Creative Commons Non-Commercial 2.0.

At this point the device refused to proceed for me. Obviously the little baby wants to suck on the teet of it’s iTunes mommy before it will play ball.

Will report back with more once I’ve done that.

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  1. whore.
    dirty, dirty apple-slut.

    I want one.

  2. I’m in NYC next week. I was told the lines at JFK are so bad you need to allows lots of time. So I’m arriving a day early. Guess where I’m headed…

  3. I’m interested to know what you think of the wifi browsing on this little puppy.

    I saw them instore the other day and they look pretty cute.

    I hope to nab one next time I’m inthe states. For research and development purposes, of course! 😉

    I’ll build a ui for them, y’see 😉

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