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Something *big* from Steve Jobs next week?

If Apple have decided to announce the new upgrades to the MacBookPro line up a week before the WWDC then one can only presume that Steve must have something really big for his keynote.

Apple announced mostly ho-hum upgrades to the range, so maybe not Job Key-Note worthy on first glance… However all-new LCD backlit screens in the 15″ MacBookPro were part of the announcement, and I’m surprised the environmental PR of this wasn’t capitalized upon in a keynote setting.

(MBP’s are now one of the first mercury free laptop ranges available – which is good for the environment. Apparently.)

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  1. Argh – I am in the Apple store thinking about buying the new Macbook pro but now might wait until after the WWDC. Could it be an updated ipod perhaps – to co-incide with the iphone?

    Another question – it’s a shame the apple store won’t upgrade the laptops in-store so you could customise and take it away there and then, instead of having to buy the upgraded ones online…

  2. Photar Photar

    Um, speed bumps haven’t been keynote worthy for quite some time.

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