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  1. Down for me too. Seems to be us Brits it’s affecting.

  2. Your not alone, Pete & other Brits. We’re affected here in the US, too. ~~~Sigh~~~.

    Wonder how much longer this will go on?

  3. Definitely not just Brits .. I’m down too… the sad thing is that this is not even unusual anymore.

  4. Ben Ben

    Looks like GMail wasn’t receiving emails during the downtime either – they were being spooled on the sending SMTP servers until GMail came back up (for these affected accounts at least).

    I’ve just managed to get in but I have a ‘hole’ between 10:30 and 4:30 PST when no emails were received.

    (I’m in San Fran BTW so my account is not “British” per se).

  5. Nothing all day for me either, down all afternoon,although everything is now back with no hole in receipt times. Unlike others though this was the longest downtime I’ve experienced, it’s usually pretty good.

  6. Has anyone experienced being told they have the wrong password? Here in Southern US I keep being told my pass word and hint are wrong. This is going on day 2 and I can’t handle it!

  7. Hilary Hilary

    I’m in Ontario, Canada. Gmail is down as is the sign-in from the google page.

  8. It’s down for me too

  9. paul paul

    gmail is down for me in germany so its just the brits…..not always a conspiracy theory!

  10. mary mary

    Today is august 6 2009 and I can’t access Gmail’s website or sign into youtube. Is is down. Sometimes I have to access to I live in Ontario. HELP! Is this happening to anyone else today?

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