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dotBen (hair)red

dotBen (hair)red

I got bored with the bleach-blonde/dark brown roots look so I decided to go (red). The complete process is documented on Flickr, minus the shower-shots!

BTW: This will probably be the last personal post on this blog as I am about to relaunch this blog as a strictly professional blog for the New Year. I tell everyone about the importance of being focused with your blog, esp if people are subscribing to it to stay across a particular vertical.

It’s about time I took some of my own advice as ‘Ben Metcalfe/dotBen’ isn’t a vertical!

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  1. Are you going to still have a personal blog as such?

  2. Like the hair. And as Ian says…are you continuing with a personal blog as well as a professional one?

  3. jem jem

    red ? again ? its so 2003.

  4. Hey nice Hair do , so what your plans going to be like for next year , keeping you blog personal, professional or both?

  5. Ben Ben

    Hey Dancide, I’m going to be keeping this blog to just professional posts from now on, but I’ll be opening my perosnal blog really soon. Stay tuned for details of that!

    Thanks all for the kind words about the hair.

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