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Did you get a Chumby in round 2?

I just got an email from the Chumby people (what is a Chumby, you ask?) regarding my application for a free one. They actually were soliciting free sample requests, accompanied by hacking ideas for them, some time ago.


Sadly, I didn’t get one:

Dear Free chumby Sample Requestor –

Thanks for taking the time to register for a free chumby – we
appreciate your interest. As you might guess, we have been swamped
by thousands of enthusiastic arguments, just like yours. We are
working hard to read every last one of them. We are also working
fast and furiously to build more chumbys.

We’re going to have some more prototype chumbys available in the next
several weeks – and, at that time, we will make some hard choices and
give some away, probably about 50 or so. Please understand that due
to the overwhelming positive response from people like you, we cannot
possibly give these limited prototype-version chumbys to everyone who
has replied.

The good news is that chumbys will become commercially available next
spring for what we hope you will find to be a very compelling price :^)

Once again, thank your for your continued interest and support.

Check back with us from time to time at – there
are exciting things in the works at Chumby Industries!

Sincerely – The Chumby Team

It just goes to show that going to FOOCamp has it’s rewards after all! 🙂

I’m guessing someone got one in this round, which was the the first public request round after FOOCamp where they gave many away to attendees. Did you get one this time out, and what did you write you were going to do with it?

Personally, having seen Tara’s one since applying for my own, I’m actually not all that impressed with them. They seem quite big for what they are, and rather limited in their functionality opportunities – especially with the size of the screen etc.

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  1. Got the same email, no chumby-love for me 🙁

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