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#67 in the UK100 influential blog list

Apparently this turgid literary cesspit of a blog, written by a dyslexic who can barely string two sentences together, comes in at number 67 in the UK100 blog roll – compiled by PRBlogger (Stephen Davies) using Technorati ratings.

Wow, what an indictment upon the UK blogosphere! To think that only 66 enterprising folk could come up with something better then this crap really takes the biscuit. Or cookie, as we say here in America (seeing as I don’t even live in the UK anymore)…

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  1. “To think that only 66 enterprising folk could come up with something better then this crap really takes the biscuit.”

    Hah! 🙂

    Since your move to the US I wasn’t sure if you’d class yourself (or your blog rather) as UK based but decided to include you anyway.

  2. Ben Ben

    Stephen: I’m joking really – this is another example of the consistent sarcasm and hint of irony I weave into this blog… It’s to confuse the Americans 🙂

    Thanks for compiling the list – how did you filter the Technorati list down to UK blogs? I mean, when you got down to me at #67 you’d already filtered through 10,000 blogs! Did you do this automatically or manually?

  3. Hey Ben,

    No filter, all manual research I’m afraid. Hence why I keep reiterating that it (the list) isn’t definitive.

    I originally released a UK50 list and received some great feedback in terms of UK blogs I’d missed out. I then decided to release a UK100 to see if I get the same reaction.

    It’s been good just to get to know some of the UK blogs out there. Admittedly I tend to follow a lot of US blogs but not as many as I should from the UK. I think it’s about time we started promoting our own.

    Hope all is going well in your new life.


  4. Hey! Coming from one of your crazy readers – congrats on getting into the list! 🙂

    To throw your cookie debate (not really debate rather than a comment – but still) off on a limb – you can always get chicken and biscuits from a certain fast food company over here – even though they’re more like scones… well.. one second… they are scones… oh… sorry… “biscuits”…

    I’ll miss the chicken and “biscuits” when I go back *sniff* 🙁

    (Yes… I know I totally went off on a tangent and waffled on about something irrelevant – but – thats what Im here for!) hehe. Congrats again! Keep up the good work with ya blog 🙂

  5. Note that dyslexia is actually a disorder and not actually a valid criticism of him either way.

    I know you meant well though 🙂

  6. You mean, “takes the cake.” Right?… I’m confused.

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