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That Arrington, he must be making a packet with CrunchBoards

Mikey Arrington, (Mr TechCrunch) has launched the latest site from his ‘CrunchNetwork’.

CrunchBoard is a job posting site. It’s simple but does the job (no pun intended).

You have a job, you write it up on CrunchBoard, you pay Arringon $200, it goes up for 30 days. Simple.

A quick look over yesterday’s job posting shows that in the first 36 hrs of the site going live, 43 jobs were posted — that’s a revenue of $8600. Or just under $240 an hr, every hour. With what I would imagine to be very little costs associated with the operation of the site.

A nice little earner, as we say here in East London. And hey, I’m not knocking it – good on him for using his position to expand his website. But equally I can’t stop thinking that that’s a lot more than what most people earn doing the coding jobs, etc, that are being advertised on there.

I should also point out I am very ignorant of the amounts people also make from advertising (I’ve not run sites with adverts on them since 1998) so maybe that’s nothing compared to what Mikey gets on his main TechCrunch site?

As Om Malik has pointed out, CrunchBoard is not the only ‘niche job board’. 37Signals offer something similar for example (slightly different niche in the industry, perhaps).

BTW: If you’re looking for tech/industry jobs in London do check out Chinwag Jobs which is run by my friends Thayer Driver and Sam Michel.

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