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Announcing BarCampLondon: Sep 2-3 2006

UPDATE: It’s been 9 hours since we announced BarCampLondon, and already half of the 80 places have gone. So if you’re interested in coming do get your skates on…!


It’s been a long time coming, but I’m pleased to announce that BarCamp is coming to London!

BarCamp, in case you don’t know, is the community response to O’Reilly’s FooCamp (foo/bar… get it?!) – they’re grassroots organised unconferences.

It’s free to attend, but everyone must present something or run a discussion session on something in a small group. It’s those sessions that make up the event – along with spontaneous mash-up hacking, etc.

Please don’t be put off by the idea of presenting – it’s more like talking with friends about something you’ve done or you feel interested in. It’s very very relaxed and informal!

I’ve attended a few BarCamps and they’ve not only been really fun but also really useful and informative too. I do hope you can join us on September the 2nd.

When: Sep 2-3 2006 (from Sat morning to Sunday afternoon – bring a sleeping bag!)
Where: Yahoo! UK Offices, 125 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8AD (map)

We would like to thank Yahoo! for kindly provided us with a venue.

If you would like to attend, it’s free, please sign up at the wiki.

But you better be quick as there are less than 80 places left at the event. Anyone not on the list cannot not be admitted, sorry.


BTW: would your company be interested in sponsoring the event? We need sponsorship to pay for food – basically its £350 a pop, which will all go on the food itself (nothing goes into our pockets).

In return you’ll get

  • Your logo, in colour, on the ‘main wall’ at the event in the chill-out area
  • A slide (to yourself) with your logo/url, and a mention during the ‘welcome session’
  • Signage with your logo indicating you sponsored the food during it’s serving
  • Mention + link from BarCampLondon webpage
  • Opportunity to offer schwag/literature/etc at the event.

We think that’s pretty good value to up your exposure in front 100 industry professionals and up-and-coming students (+ those who look at the website and on Flickr, etc). Plus you’ll be supporting a worthwhile community event.

There are also some other sponsorship opportunities – including T-Shirts (which is a little more) and many smaller ideas.

If you think you might be able to sponsor BarCampLondon, please check out our Sponsor’s Page or contact Ben Metcalfe.

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  1. I’m definately going to this. I’m sure I’ll be able to think up something to talk about when I’m there if not I’ll definatley be doing alot of interacting.

    Thanks for organizing this Ben…

  2. I take it from the sleeping bag comment that Yahoo! are providing doss-down facilities for all 80 attendees, then? Don’t want to turn up only to find I also need to fork out for a hotel room as well…

  3. Ben Ben

    Yes, there are ‘doss down’ facilities… the floor.

    But seriously, yes that’s part of the fun is the overnight.

  4. yo! I signed up to the original wiki aaages ago now I’m not on it!


    I’ve probably got the best mobile 2.0 app in the UK to show off as well – mowh

  5. Ben Ben


    That list was created 6 months ago, when we had no idea when the event would be or where it would be.

    We also asked people to put their name down ‘to express interest’ and not ‘as a confirmed signup’. How can you confirm you are going to an event when you don’t know when it is?

    Because it was sooo old, we decided to start it again. But don’t worry, we’re hoping we migh have another one as another potential venue sponsor has offered their digs in the future.


  6. coolio – will look forward to the next one then!

  7. Ben – any plans to publish further information on exactly how the BarCamp is going to play out next month? Apart from Tantek’s mantra on the main BarCamp site, there is nothing to give you a clue as to what will happen – will there be any discussion of subjects prior to the weekend?

  8. Ben Ben

    Er, yeah perhaps I’ll jot out a plan for the two days.

    I was also going to email everyone with some more info – which means checking 100 blogs for email addresses, GROWN!

    Check back on this blog for something.


  9. Cool – I think at the very least you need to get some idea on how many people are coming ready with presentations/demos versus how many are expecting to turn up on the day and get away with volunteering to help out with something else/make the tea/clean up, etc.

    A rough idea of what areas are likely to be covered might be nice too – is everyone talking about Ruby and JS? – so you don’t get 80 people turn up all expecting to deliver presentations about Prototype…

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