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Dell blog (still?) removing comments

Dell’s cluetrain(-esqu/wannabe, discuss) blog continues to disappoint.

I submitted a comment on a blog post about why Dell pre-installs so much bloat ware on their computers before they ship. You know, all that AOL toolbar, Sonic Recorder, yadda yadda shit.

Sadly, despite waiting several weeks my comment has still not appeared.

Ironically you can still see my comment on CoComment (which I still think is, in someways, a bug).

I think Dell (a company that has been vilified on the blogosphere) should be congratulated for starting it’s blog – but it needs to play fair and show everyone’s comments.

(Yes, I am a Dell buyer and I actually like the fact they have crap customer service because I never need it and as such don’t want to pay for it!)

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  1. Sam Sam

    Yeah, you can save almsot a £100 downgrading the customer service 😀

  2. Ben Ben

    I do!

    But that means no customer service. I’m happy, I can’t see what the fuss is on that point.

    If/when I want premium support (eg for my business laptop) then I turn to Lenovo Thinkpad.

  3. Sam Sam

    Yeah, thinkpads look pretty slick, but you certainly pay for it.

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