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The British take on the Sony Bravia/San Francisco advert…

During the summer “silly season” the adverts are often the best things on TV. During today’s bout of trash-TV viewing, I saw this amazingly funny piss-take advert:

It’s of course an homage to the Sony Bravia bouncy balls advert filmed in San Francisco. I think it’s the cultural and architectural references/comparisons between San Fran and the non-descript Northern England working town that makes the parody so so funny.

(I still find it hard to believe that the original Bravia advert isn’t CGI, but apparently it’s real. We even drove down the road where they filmed it a few months back. In fact Sony have put up a whole website that shows you how they made it (in one take, no less) – probably because so many people like me dismissed it as just CGI.)

Back to the British advert, which is for an otherwise pretty crappy soft-drink called Tango, and it turns out the advert was filmed in Swansea (in Wales). In fact the local residents on the street where it was filmed created a campaign website to stop it being filmed and now to boycott the product.

Of course, it’s all a great PR stunt created by the advertising company (the domain is registered to a PR company) – but a great follow-through. The adverts on YouTube are probably uploaded by the PR company too.

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  1. Definitely crappy product. Decent song choice though. Great post!

  2. Interesting spoof. Too bad it a completely lackluster product.

  3. I have to say I love the advert, not hot on the music but I do like Tango. Parady done well, good work by Tango people

  4. thats is ACE!!!

    I too thought the original ad was part cgi

  5. Derek Derek

    Ben it was great meeting you at the peopleaggregator launch party. I just stumbled across this post, and what a coincidence, I lived on the block where they filmed that spot. Definitely not cgi. Lots of trucks, strange cannon-things and bins full of superballs. Unfortunately I was down the hill at work when they actually filmed. When I walked back home I scoured the area for souvenirs but alas- as promised the crew left the area spotless and superball-free. There only trace was some leftover duct tape over a sewer grate.

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