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@Media 06 Conference is supposedly happening

The @Media 06 Conference (second day) is supposedly happening today.

But it’s funny, I’ve seen very little mention of it on the blogosphere. If you ignore the Flickr photos that have crept into Technorati, a search for the tag atmedia returns just 3 posts from the last few days (+ perhaps this one now!).

Flickr has 600+ posts tagged atmedia, but about 150 of them are from last year’s conference.

And, shock horror, no backchannel from what I can see. Tsk!

I wonder whether the conference venue has no WiFi (pretty sure the QE2 centre does) or that people just aren’t blogging it.

Well, I’m going to the @Media Social Event tomorrow which is kindly being orgniased by Ian Forrester. I don’t believe he’s getting paid to organise it despite it being an official @Media event – he’s a great guy. Mad props to ianForrester++.

Please do come to the @Media Social – it’s free (apart from your food/drinks of course, heh!) and you don’t have to have an @Media conf ticket. Plus I think it’s going to be a great event!

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  1. Thanks Ben, I’ve noticed a lot of pictures on flickr but yes not much in the way of blogging or podcasts.

  2. No need to be discouraged if the blogosphere is quiet … good old fashioned word of mouth is as effective as it ever was. Your conference venue is going to work in your favour, for one thing. It’s a wonderful place IMHO!

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