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Another belated post, I’m afraid. This one about the launch of the alpha. logo

My friends at, which includes CTO Kosso (aka Blugg) and VP Lee Wilkins in addition to the gang in Boston, have come out of ‘stealth mode’ with their offering.

(Previously it was a two-bit link-fest site that I think was designed to make it look like the domain was just being used to cyber-squatting)

The site is still in Alpha, so be warned! However it demonstrates some interesting approaches to OPML that other podcasting sites are failing to utilise. I think it’s fair to say Kosso’s been providing the technical and design genius behind this, and it’s a great example of where his multi-skill approach was under-utilised at the BBC.

They are also experimenting with a presence in Second Life, which is very interesting considering the numerous audio and video streaming options there are in Second Life through which they could provide content.

Best of luck guys!

See also Kosso’s post and Lee’s post.

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