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Google Mail (+ Google Talk) down and unavailable

It’s back up now, hmm but I’m missing mail 🙁

(I forward a copy of my domain email to GMail but I can see there are (important) mails on my domain’s unix account that aren’t in GMail)

Looks like Google Mail (GMail) and Google Talk are currently down and unavailable:

Google Error

I also get a blank buddy page on Google Talk too, even when I elect to “show all friends including those off-line”.

Anyone know what’s going on?

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  1. George George

    It is still down for me.

  2. Googel reader was also down, but chill it because it’s only Beta 🙂

  3. Hey Ben,
    I experienced the lockdown too today (June 25th). Woke up this morning to check my mails and suddenly, gmail’s down.

    So I googled for gmail lockdown reports across the net, found your blog as well as several other gmail user who are going through the same thing.

    Here’s what’s weird: I downloaded the gmail notifier, installed it and bam, gmail’s back. No idea if it’s a coincidence.

  4. set_mum

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