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META: Does this site need a new skin?

Just a quick off-topic question…

Do you think I should change (ahem, improve) this blog skin?

I’ve been trying to work out whether I would get more of an audience if the design looked more like a serious blog site, and less like an after-thought?

(That’s despite the fact I’ve elected for a skin that is clean, simple and minimal?)

What do you want to see from this blog’s skin, or from the blog in general?

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  1. sam sam

    Wont affect me, I only see your blog through rss =)

  2. man what your site is missing is some colours and moving picutures and stuff. There are hundreds of sites that offer free moving images, some of them are real fun like a dancing peanut or something.

  3. David Alun David Alun

    you don’t need go faster stripes, corporate colours, cartoons or
    any other ‘improvements’. You got it right allready.

  4. Sammiecat Sammiecat

    i think it could definately do with some more colour and pics. If done tastefully it need not look like a dogs dinner. I think this is the first ever blog site i have been on and it’s a weird concept reading people’s monologues.

    Isn’t the concept of a diary a private thing and the alternative a chat room. Where does the blog fall? (if it falls in a forest does anyone hear it?) : )


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