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Is it worth going to Mix06 out of my own pocket?

I’m currently weighing up whether I should attend Mix06 — out of my own pocket.

Mix06 Logo

I’m already attending O’Reilly ETech a few weeks beforehand, courtesy of work. Although Mix06 is pretty much on-topic with what I’m doing for the BBC, it feels too cheeky to ask to be funded for it.

At that point I would normally lump it, but it also looks like the first real introduction to some of the RSS/OPML platform integration into Vista — and that is interesting.

I’d normally shy away from attending vendor-specific conferences, but obviously anything involving Vista is going to be significant as no doubt it will be adopted by the consumer-base fairly rapidly.

With the added advantage of getting an insight into Vista, I’m trying to weigh up whether it’s worth shelling out about £1500 of my own money for the two days.

If you’ve decided to go — or decided not to go — I’d be interested in your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. Hey Ben!

    Chris and I are going. I’m sure we could wrangle a free pass for you from Robert Scoble. 😉 Then we could try to find a mutually cheap place to stay (perhaps through some Vegas Barcampers?) and then you could spend a longer period of time in SF…hmmmm?


  2. I was not going, despite being in the area, because of the cost. Would love to go however and still trying to convince myself that I can afford it…

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