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The Thames Whale has died

Sadly, he didn’t make it. Our new friend, the Thames Whale, died just a few miles from the sea.

Sofia and I watched the entire rescue effort – from them capturing it on the river bank in Battersea through to it travelling down the Thames on board the barge.

We’re both sad, but I think we always thought it was only a slim chance he would survive.

A porpoise was also found dead on the shore at Putney today, which was quite unusual too.

There have already been suggestions going around that military activity in the North Sea may have confused the animals and sent them hundreds of miles of course. If this is the case, it’s something I hope is chased up and further investigated.

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  1. Alfoiz Alfoiz

    Thanks for that – I heard the sad news here first. I would be interested to know what their normal migration pattern is and what could be done to stop them from entering the estuary – also was it a boy or a girl whale?

  2. Interesting theory. Experts I’ve heard reckon there must have been something wrong with whale anyway for it to have travelled up into the Thames, such a long way away from its natural habitat.

    I just blogged this: Citizen journalists report on the London whale, as I’ve been updating Wikinews with the developments over the past few days…


  3. hi Everyone,
    just to let you all know I was one of the Marine Mammal Medics with BDMLR who tried to rescue the whale, your kind words here are very touching. I hope you visit our site to read more on the thames whale, it should answer any questions you have.
    thanks again and take care

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