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A whale is swimming in The Thames

There’s a pilot whale swimming in The Thames, it’s quite amazing.

Pilot Whale in Thames

Sky News has picked it up on their rolling news channel, but at the time of writing BBC News 24 hasn’t (probably not high-brow enough for BBC — they’re currently running a debate between animal rights campaigners and a life-science company who practices in vivisection).

BBC News Website does have a bit on it, however.

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  1. Deb Deb

    He’s gonna make it.

  2. News 24 is on it now… Oooh, there’ll be complaints about using a helicopter… I can hear the people of Tunbridge Wells heading for their keyboards now…

  3. Suprisingly BBC New Online is being very slow in admitting that there’s another one of south end, when Sky are showing pictures of it…

  4. Err, “off Southend” even.

  5. Ben Ben

    Come on, now. Let’s think of a name for our new friend…?

    BTW: the rumours that the floating mass of blubber in The Thames was actually John Prescot having jumped off the Houses of Parliament have been refuted.

  6. Sam Smith Sam Smith

    The BBC News website has had the “Live: Watch the whale in the river thames” on their front page since before lunchtime.

  7. Sad to hear that the Prince of Whales passed away. At least he pursued adventure up until the end.

    …and a belated thanks for the link, Ben!

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