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PSP v2.60 firmware hacked for homebrew!

Fanjita, the legendary PSP firmware hacker, has done it again – he’s released a homebrew hack for the latest version of the PSP firmware.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the situation, but in case you’re not: Sony have decided that only software they have “licenced” (in return for a payment) should be able to be run on PSPs.

The grassroots PSP hacker community has been playing a cat and mouse game with Sony – finding ways to beat their system, resulting in Sony releasing a new version of the firmware that plugs the whole.

With a hacked system, it means you can run games and other ‘homebrew’ applications written by the community.

It’s an interesting argument – having purchased the hardware, why shouldn’t you be able to run whatever you want on it?

Anyway, Sony’s onto a looser with this – I just hope they decide not to pursue this policy, but my guess is that we’ll see a “security fix” v2.61 release very soon.

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  1. ryan d ryan d

    Hi, i would just like to know where i could get the hacked version of the firmware v2.60, thanks

  2. hardfalcon hardfalcon

    Quote from
    “We can’t recommend it personally, because we haven’t tested it ourselves, but the reports seem to have been good so far.”

    As you can see, Fanjita didn’t create that downgrader. He just said that the is a real downgrader which seems to work, and that he hasn’t tested it (which implicites that he didn’t develop it).

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