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Cool PSP case recommendation (+ giveaway!)

(My apologies, I’m on a bit of a run with PSP blog posts at the moment)

Following on from a recommendation on PSPFanBoy, Sofia and I bought a CoreCase case for each of our PSPs.

We’re both really happy with them, so in the ‘word-of-mouth’ spirit of the blogosphere I thought I would do a short write up here.

The USP of the CoreCase is that it doubles as a nice little stand for your PSP. Lift the flip-up lid over the screen and click it against a small magnet located on the back of the case. Put the opened case on a desk, aeroplane seat tray or other flat surface and the PSP is set at the perfect angle to watch movies on! Sofia mainly uses her PSP solely for watching movies, so for her it’s ideal.

a side-ways look at the core case opened out

The Core Case is made of thin-profile metal aluminium, and feels strong whilst remaining light and non-bulky. The case doesn’t get in the way when playing a game in your hands either – which is obviously important.

It has some nice features – including easy access to the power and ear-phone sockets when the case is closed, and room to store two Memory Stick Duo’s in the inside of the lid.

The only downside is that you can’t change UMD disks whilst the PSP is in the case – but that’s no real biggie as the case slides on and off the PSP with ease (nothing to lock in or screw out).

If you’re in the market for a PSP case, you can’t go wrong at less than US$15 each – and you can get them directly from

BUT I’m pleased to say that I have one up for grabs to give away to a reader of my blog! Corey @ included an extra Core Case in our shipment and so I’m happy to give that away…

All you need to do is leave a comment below and I’ll pick one at random in a weeks time or so… Best of luck.

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  1. ‘I’m pleased to say that I have one up for grabs to give away to a reader of my blog!’

    I’ll swap you for flashcards for nokia’s (cant remember the SD/CF/ etc acronym, you said you wanted one)


  2. a sure fire way to make people comment 🙂 so have you found any downsides to the psp yet? (Mine has yet to arrive..

  3. yay! chuck me in the tombola! 😉

    A case with a stand sounds great. People seem to forget about the time spent holding the device, just to watch something – ie: not interact with buttons etc.

    What games do you have too? Maybe we could do some swappin’ too?


  4. we own three of these cases, best yet – highly recommend them…

    not expensive either, they just seem like it 🙂

  5. ALasdair Ferguson ALasdair Ferguson

    Through me into the lottery
    Hi I got a psp giga pack last week and have been searching for a case and this one looks quite good. A problem I have found with cases like these is access to the usb link whilst the case is open or closed can you shed any light on this.

  6. Ben Ben

    Hey Alasdair

    I’m affraid you’re too late – this went already!

    The case allows access to the USB plug when the case is open – which suites me fine.

    At $15 it’s worth getting IMHO anyway.


  7. sue dalley sue dalley

    Sounds too good to be true. My grandson is getting a PSP for his birthday next week and has asked for a case for it – then I saw your website! I’m doing my best to keep up with the technological age so my grandchildren don’t think I’m past it, so if I could get hold of one of your cases, this would be great!

  8. Interesting…

  9. that looks good. I just bought PSP 2 weeks ago and I probably need a case to keep it safe and secure. Any recommendation (other than the one from CoreCases above) ?

  10. Thats a nice looking case – can you actually get them in uk?

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