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George Galloway in Big Brother UK

As regular readers of the blog will know, I’m not exactly a big fan [1][2] of George Galloway.

(for those who don’t know, he’s my local Member of Parliament and the most left wing politician in the House of Commons. And he’s a sleazy git.).

Anyway, Sofia and I have just been watching the opening show of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, and George Galloway was announced as the last person to enter the house.

Like, what the fuck?

George is my MP, my Member of Parliament – which last time I checked was defined as:

Member of Parliament, or MP, is a person elected by the voters of an electoral district to a represent them in the UK parliament.

He’s supposed to be representing my interests in parliament! So, like, what is he doing in the Big Brother house??? How can he be representing my interests in there for the next three weeks?

Sofia and I have were a little shocked at some of the other participants – cross dresser/basket ball hero Dennis Rodman, ‘is he a he or shePete Burns, ‘how did he really die in that pool?Michael Barrymore

But George Galloway? That’s just wrong!

My trusty late-working friends on the ‘Ents desk’ at BBC News website have picked up the story about George Galloway too…

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  1. He’s a politician. Politicians need to communicate to the public. Newsletters are one way. Weblogs are another way. Big Brother is also a way.

    Whether it’s a good way or not remains to be seen. Me thinks he’ll be trying to talk about his political beliefs and will get frustrated with the others in there and will walk. Or get voted out early.

    But then, perhaps not.

    Will be interesting any which way. Although for chrissakes lets try not to get hooked on watching the programme…

    (my initial reaction)

  2. I’m also no Galloway fan. The thought of him being in the diary room tickled me so much I spent some time on Dayorama trying to decide what might happen in there. Follow my ‘website’ link if you’d like to have a read…

  3. Alfoiz Alfoiz

    Huh! What did I say after Galloway won his seat? I can’t remember exactly either, but something to the effect that he is a firebrand who will keep us engaged in politics…he is doing just that now. I’d imagine he is taking those 3 weeks as holiday leave – if that is correct, then he is going beyond the call of duty as an MP rather than not looking after his constituents’ interest…?

    I didn’t watch any of the previous Big Brother shows in much detail or enthusiasm but this one I will – It has at least one significant person that I want to know more about…he might educate and engage some of the frivolous and stupid people who normally watch BB?

    I predict Galloway will win BB.

  4. Ben Ben

    I’d imagine he is taking those 3 weeks as holiday leave


    MP’s aren’t entitled to holiday outside parliamentary leave (they have a long summer holiday, for example, when parliament isn’t in session).

    He’s in that BB house on our time, we’re paying him to be there. What do you think of Galloway now?

  5. George Galloway explains his reasons for entering here. The charity money seems to be his first priority, and also the chance for an audience. Naive or brave? I’m sitting on the fence…

  6. Alfoiz Alfoiz

    Hello Ben,
    I am not quite sure what the position is regarding MPs holiday etc. But I am aware that MPs are given a wide berth so far as organising their work activities.

    I believe parliament is in session right now, so whilst MPs do have a wide disretion as to how they discharge their duties to Parliament and their constituency – to lock yourself away in a house for up to three weeks without outside communication cannot be dressed up as an exercise of discretion – what if there was an important debate/vote in the Commons affecting his constituents? Or a major local disaster? He would not even know about it!

    Point taken. But on the other hand – do you recall the commentary made on the Pop Idol voter participation phenomenon- that more people participated in that than the real General Election? I have to thank Frankie Roberto for the link to the article explaining the reasons why George entered Big Brother –
    This whole thing perhaps demonstrates why MPs shouldn’t be tied down to a 9-5 shift…?

    I’d be happy if only everyone (I mean everyone) starts complaining for the same reason you are. Most people just don’t care – thats what he wants to change.

    He is after all the leader of the Respect party. He is trying to create debate and engage with people who’ve turned off from politics. What better way than BB?

    The only negative I think is the absence of other parties’ MPs. After George won his BG seat, David Lammy MP called him a carpet bagger – clearly he’s bagging something now – and good luck to him!

    Ben – you still haven’t explained satisfactorily why you think he’s sleazy…mabe its just the visual cue of a big cigar and a mustache…:-)

  7. Ryan Ryan

    I would have thought any of his constituants could write to George’s boss (local council?), to inform them that George is absent without leave; a disciplinary hearing would be the logical outcome.

  8. bernie bernie

    Put it this way, I won’t be voting for george,

  9. Alfoiz Alfoiz

    I take back what I said – There is a class of people who can be reached via Big Brother and other lewdness – but I don’t think they are worth risking one’s political capital. If people are unhappy about Galloway’s presence in Big Brother – well I can’t say much in his defense except that he went in with good intentions and its only 3 weeks at most(!)

    Look at it another way – outside BB he’d be expected to work about 35 hours per week – inside BB he’s working 168 hours (if you call that working!)

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