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Getting ready for Les Blogs, Paris

I’m sitting amongst a pile of clothes one side of me and a (sort of) pile of equipment on the other. It’s stuff I need to take with me to the Les Blogs conference (I’ve decided to take just one laptop on this trip this time!).

Les Blogs 2.0

Looks like I’ve finally got some firm dinner plans for tomorrow (Sunday) night – but if you’re going to be at the conference too and want to hook up, let me know. I’m rolling into town around 3pm, and am pretty free in the afternoon.

My mobile doesn’t work abroad (really must stop being a cheapskate and get off of Virgin Mobile) but I should be checking my email a lot. These also Skype/GTalk.

I’ll probably blog the conference a bit, but being a blogging conference, my guess there will be plenty of people happy to do the grant work for me 🙂

Sadly my “Hugh MacLeud: polluting the blogosphere with his crappy wine” t-shirt idea never came into fruition – maybe for the Geek Dinner instead.

Finally, it does mean that the will be a bit quiet for a couple of days – so please bear with us folks until full service is resumed.

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