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Bound for Paris

I’m writing this from onboard the Eurostar train, bound for Paris.

It’s my first time on board the Eurostar, although I’ve done the Le Shuttle (take you car on board) between Dover and Calais a couple of times before. I’m pleasantly surprised – the seats and carriage are comfortable (and a lot quieter than a noisy plane). The only downside is that the seat doesn’t recline, not in ‘cattle class’ anyway.

The addition of a UK power socket next to the seat is really great – although it’s only one per pair of seats (so my advice would be to get a window seat if you have a laptop, and 0wn the power socket!).

Whilst queuing up in the waiting area to board the train, I met up with Marc Cantor, who’s also attending the event (he’s speaking in fact, funnily enough!).

We’re arriving in Paris shortly…

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  1. Linguistic nit-pick: ‘the Le Shuttle’ = the the Shuttle… Not wrong, but funny. 😉

  2. Ben Ben

    It was done on purpose!

  3. Lol, don’t worry.

    It’s amusing how repititions can get created when languages mix up. Pennard Hill reportedly means ‘hill hill hill’, combining welsh, gaelic and english. [link]

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